The Denis Group gains its strength and stability of three different activities, in which the group is able to achieve and maintain a high level of professionalism, paired with an historical venture mind and pioneering spirit.

3 Main Activities

  • Food & Beverages

    In 1956, the Denis Group took over the company A.Clouet in Malaya with its main food activities: Ayam Brand. Ayam Brand became an international brand distributed in more than 30 markets on 3 continents and is today ranked among the top 500 consumers brands in Asia-Pacific.

    To cater its expansion, the Denis Group invested in production and logistic. The main production & logistic site is in Taiping, Perak in West Malaysia. It employs more than 1000 staff. Mafipro site groups 3 factories and produces mainly canned fish and baked beans.

    Guinea foods factory cans fish and sauces. Guinea food is building a 2nd factory to meet the growing demands for sauces. Taiping is also an important logistic base for the group with 2 large warehouses: SFI phase 1 and SFI phase 2.

    The Denis Group is also in joint venture with the Ling family to produce and market coconut product, such as coconut milk. The Linaco factory in Batu Pahat, Malaysia annually transforms 40 000 metric tons of coconuts.

    Since 2004, Alce Nero and Denis Group have formed a joint venture to promote and distribute Alce Nero all over Asia. The Denis Group also distribute in Asia reputable brands of selected partners.

    In 2021, Denis Group is introducing yumeat™ on the market, a range of pioneering plant-based foods that address the sustainability needs of both vegan or aspiring flexitarian. The mission of yumeat™ is to create tasty, ready-to-use plant-based meat alternatives, that is good for humans and good for the planet. The brand is now distributed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia.

    Denis Group fully owns its distribution company in Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, China S.A.R., Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, West Malaysia and East Malaysia. The Denis Group also has distributors for the group brands in Brunei, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden & USA.

    The Denis Group last initiative was to open a office in Mexico to secure fish supply.

    Health Sciences

    A pioneer among foreign companies in Japan, SCETI was established in Tokyo in 1925, before it joined Denis Group in 1958. In its early years, the company served as agent for major French Heavy Industry companies. Along the way, SCETI became gradually involved in nuclear medicine, strengthening its portfolio in quantum equipment, isotopes, reagents and diagnostics. Meanwhile, it diversified its activities into Life Sciences importing advanced functional ingredients for food, health-food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Lately, the company ventured into medical imaging distributing high-end systems, equipment & services used in medical diagnosis and treatment.

    In 2006, SCETI realized a major investment in radiopharmaceuticals through the incorporation of SCETI MEDICAL LABO (SML), a joint-venture company with Ion Beam Applications (IBA), whose activity is to import, manufacture and market innovative biomarkers. Over the years, SML has become a major domestic player in the specific segments of RIA diagnostics and pharmaceuticals drug screening solutions.

    In 2009, SCETI acquired IMAGING INNOVATION, a medical software company providing IT solutions for diagnosis imaging. The company works in close partnership with Yuai Clinic Shin-Yokohama, the largest PET diagnostic center in Japan.

    In 2011, SCETI MEDICAL ASIA LTD was incorporated in Singapore-Malaysia bridging the company’s networks between Japan and ASEAN, in the field of medical imaging.

    Today, the SCETI group of companies, employing more than 100 staff, markets innovative Health Sciences solutions focusing on Life Sciences, Medical and Bio-Medical. It works as importer, distributor, licensor and manufacturer operating under the QMS compliance. It serves the Industrial, Medical, Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Research networks in Japan, ASEAN and export markets.

    Consumer Goods & Light Equipment Marketing

    The presence of Denis Group in the Indian Ocean goes back to as early as 1954 in Madagascar. In 1973, la Soric was formed on La Reunion Island. La Soric is a trademark agent for mass consumption product such as hygiene, cleaning, toys, car parts, canned food,…

    In 1983, SORIC moved to a new building in the Port Industrial area, in a move to specialization that goes beyond classic consumer goods distribution. Air-conditioning and industrial refrigeration allow SORIC to offer technical support as well as products. To develop this strategy, SORIC took over in 2008, a company called ESERPRO, an important local player in professional kitchen equipment. Eserpro develops the skills of SORIC in technical advice, installation, support and maintenance.

    In October 2000, Denis Group settled back in Madagascar with the creation of the company SICMA. SICMA offers the products and the competencies of SORIC in Madagascar, adapted to the local market. In 2003, Denis Group pursues its regional expansion by creating the company SIRUD in Mauritius.

    The Group represents well-known trademarks and manages the logistics, administrative documentation, distribution and deliveries, invoicing, as well as technical projects, agreements, training. Its specialization and position bring the Group to exert a supervision and market control in each of its activities. Thanks to its experience and its positioning in the three most important territories of this area, the Group is in a prime position to set up new business markets.

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